Life Changes

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01) Can't Change You (Interlude)
02) Can't Change You (feat. Plexiphones)
03) Easier (feat. Peter Marie)
04) All Is Love (feat. Jessy)
05) Back In Time (feat. Beatrice Thomas)
06) We Like To Party
07) No Love (feat. Jessy)
08) Electrica Zumba (feat. Bo)
09) Otavalo (feat. Leo Rojas)
10) Summer's Gone (Interlude)
11) Summer's Gone (feat. Tony T.)
12) Bring The Heat
13) Sunrise
14) Life Changes

Release: 2013
Produced by: SASH! & Tokapi
Writen by: Ralf Kappmeier, Thomas Alisson, Sascha Lappessen
Featurings/Vocals by: Beatrice Thomas, Bo, Jessy, Leo Rojas, Peter Maria, Plexiphones, Tony t.