Life Is A Beach

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01) Life Is A Beach
02) What Is Life
03) Captivated
04) Get Ready (feat. Natasha Anderson)
05) Te Quiero Mi Amor
06) Save Me Tonight
07) Schwanensee
08) Back In My Life (feat. Natasha Anderson)
09) Tell Me Why (feat. Annakiya)
10) The Secret - Reloaded (feat. Sarah Brightman)
11) World Gone Wild
12) Backstreets Of My Mind
13) Je T´aime
14) Bailemos Al Sol
15) Ojo Del Tigre (feat. Max Klaas)

Release: 2012
Produced by: SASH! & Tokapi
Writen by: Ralf Kappmeier, Thomas Alisson, Sascha Lappessen
Featurings/Vocals by: Natasha Anderson, Annakiya, Sarah Brightman, Max Klaas